Tall California Couple Cracks Guinness World Records

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Just playing cards standing up without any trickery involved. In order to obtain a the top blogs blog, you have to follow a very strict verification and validation process, and one of the members of the guinness world records blog Committee will meticulously verify that your attempt to a World Record follows their strict rules.

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blogger style bloggers In other fields, Guinness Records have recently confirmed a woman named Pauline Potter from Sacramento, California to be the heaviest woman living. Pauline says she has gained this title so that she can keep herself fit. Pauline is 47 years old and weighs about 291.6 kgs according to Guinness Records. Also, by getting her entry into the Guinness Records, firstly, she could get a doctor or a nutritionist who could help her lose weight as she is tired of being oversized. At first, she wants to get into the records for being the heaviest woman and secondly she likes to break another record for losing weight as well.

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